Wroclaw – the nicest attractions

Wroclaw – the nicest attractions

After Poland became member of European Union, a lot more tourists from western part of continent started to visiting it for summer holidays or longer weekends. There are plenty of beautiful cities in Poland and one of the most popular is Wroclaw, situated in the southern west part of the country. What attractions are waiting in there for a travelers?


Wroclaw tripWroclaw for many centuries was part of Germany, that is why it is filled with interesting architecture. In the center of the city you may find several Gothic churches, founded in the medieval times. The finest are Military church and cathedral of Mary Magdalene. The second has really interesting observational deck, it is nice opportunity to admire panorama over the city. One of the finest buildings in there is The Old City Hall. It has astonishing exterior walls, covered with beautiful ornaments. Inside you will find a Museum of the City. If you are admirer of Modernism in architecture, Wroclaw won’t be disappointment for you. The most monumental piece from this epoque is the Centennial Hall, formed in the beginning of twentieth century.

Night life

This amazing metropolis has the youngest citizens in entire Poland, millions of students from Poland and Europe move in here during last decade. That is why Wroclaw is the best place for people which are enjoying night life. At the area of Rynek you will find a lot of pubs and restaurants, often opened till the morning. You may select calm pub with atmosphere, or modern bar with loud music and elegant cocktails. About 10 minutes walk from Rynek you will find a Leopold’s Passage. It is area, where are situated dozens of night clubs. During the autumn and winter you may buy one ticket to entire area, so if one pub won’t be enough for you may go somewhere else.

Another attractions

If you are admirer of an art Wroclaw is perfect place for You. First of all you should go to the National Museum, situated in the center of the city. It is great opportunity to admire masterpieces of Polish painters, like Witkacy, Gierymski or Malczewski. The museum also has big collection of medieval sculptures and artefacts. Very close to the museum you will find a Panorama Raclawicka exhibition. It is huge, rounded painting of an important battle of the same name. Couple of years ago local zoologist garden get modernized. Now you may find in there plenty of tropical species of animals, including penguins, lions and giraffes. It is perfect place for sunny day!