Amazing vacations in Paris

Amazing vacations in Paris

People, who are living in Poland right now, has a lot more opportunities for summer holidays. Nowadays, you don’t need to be wealthy to go for an amazing trip to some tropical location. However, a lot of tourists are choosing big, European metropolis, instead of sunny beaches. If you are an individual like that you should go to the capital of France.

Travel for a song

Huge advantages of Paris is a price for an airplane ticket. To go to the capital of France from Warsaw or Cracow for example, you don’t have to spend more than 130 zlotys! Of course the final price depends on many differences, like date for example. But if you will plan your trip several months ahead you will get guaranteed of nice price. When airline carriers are beginning to sale their connections it is very common to tempt possible passengers with amazing prices. You can take profit from it by booking your flight to Paris, as soon as possible!


Paris tripCapital of France is one of the nicest cities on the world, also thanks to it architecture. The most popular building is the Eiffel Tower, for sure. It was founded in the late nineteenth century and at first there was a plan to depart it after the end of World Fairy. Fortunately nothing like that happen. Another important building in Paris is Notre Dame cathedral, beautiful, Gothic church, founded in the late, medieval times. You should visit also inside of the church, you will find in there amazing examples of Gothic interior design. Another nice temple, but a lot younger, is Basilica of Sacre Coeur, designed in Romanesque Revival style. It was founded in the late, nineteenth century at the top of Montmartre hill. If you are looking for another, interesting example of Revival style, Baroque this time, you have to visit Opera of Garnier. This beautiful building is open for visitors every day, you should go to admire amazing interior design.

Art galleries

Paris is also great place to see some decent paintings. First of all go to the Museum of Louvre, placed in the former royal’s residence of the same name. It is amazing collection of Western artists and ancient artefacts. The most popular piece inside is Mona Lisa by da Vinci. Another, nice exhibition you will find inside of Museum d’Orsay. It has the biggest collection of impressionists on the world. It is filled with works of Monet, Manet, Cezanne, van Gogh. If you are looking for decent, modern art exhibition you need to go to the Pompidou Center, situated close to the Orsay.