How to prepare for an airplane trip?

How to prepare for an airplane trip?

Polish travelers are able to travel at the entire area of European Union without any barriers, thanks to our membership in EU. It happen more than a decade ago, but still some people haven’t tried an airplane trip before. If you are about to try this option but you are afraid, you only need to know how to prepare, cause airplanes have a lot of regulations.


No matter where you wish to travel, the faster you book a flight the cheaper it will be. For example, the same ticket to Paris will be two times less costly if you only buy it six months, instead of one week ahead. The same is with accommodation, so you should start your organization as soon as possible. But during the payment you have to choose a proper luggage for you. Most of carriers are offering medium size valise for free, it should fit a lot of your belongings. However remember, that it cannot contains forbidden objects, cause it goes with you on board. So before the flight pour each liquids inside small bottles and collect it inside a plastic bag.

On the airport

Depending on type of baggage you select, another routine will be waiting for you at the airport. If you paid for registered bag, you should arrive at the airport not later than 2 hours earlier, cause you need to register your bag. They will weight and measure it and take it away from you. After that you can go straight to the security check. It is a complicated procedure, you have to put all your belongings on the special tape. Sometimes you have to take off your jewelry, belt or even shoes. Also remember about laptop, phone and any electronics, it cannot remain inside of bag. When the security check is done, you may safely wait for your plane, or maybe visit duty free zone? You will find in there a lot of interesting items, some in really nice prices.

Prepare for a flight

If you are about to try intercontinental flight you should prepare some entertainment, cause this trip will last at least twelve hours. Of course, there will be some movie into the plane’s TV, but you cannot be sure you will enjoy it. That is why take some interesting book or magazine on board, it will helps to kill the time. You may also bring a laptop with music or movies, but remember to turn on the plane mode. During the trip remember to get up from time to time. Cause if you will last for twelve hours in a one, sitter position some blood cloths may appear in your veins. It is very dangerous for your health, especially women are in a group of dangerous.