The best travel destinations in 2018

The best travel destinations in 2018

At the start of another year many of us like to organize future vacation. Nothing surprising in that, cause after long winter we are longing for warm and sunny destinations. Nowadays Polish people have multiple options to choose, not just in the Europe but also another continents. Which destinations are the hotter in 2018?


Our continent may be very small but it has the biggest amount of monuments. That is why if you are into sightseeing more than exotic beaches, you can choose some nice spot in here. Very cheap flights are available to France, especially Paris. This city is probably the most popular travel destination on entire world, so if you have never been there before you have to try it. You can also try a flights by lot polish airlines from Berlin to Toulouse or Nice, both situated on the south part of France, and both very amazing. Another nice area is Spain, especially it continental area. You have a chance to see in there many interesting monuments. Visit Barcelona for sophisticated details by Gaudi, Seville because of Muslim architecture or Madrid – just for Prado Museum will be fine!


This is probably the most popular continent for Polish travelers nowadays, especially ones who prefer to spend holidays in the winter. Cause countries situated in the south part of Asia are the warmest and the driest from November to the April. If you are sick of winter and you wish to get tan in December, you should consider to travel to Vietnam, India or Thailand. Each of those countries can offer you a lot of exotic experiences. That includes a sightseeing in the wild forest, where ancient, beautiful temples are hiding. In each country you will also find huge metropolis, like Bombay or Bangkok. If you have never been to Asia the crowd in the streets may be a bit shocking for you.

South America

This poor but beautiful continent begin to be more and more popular among the Polish travelers. if you are interested into the spectacular, colonial architecture this region is perfect for you. The weather in South America is the best during Polish winter – from November till May. If you are into the May, Aztecs or Inks civilization, plenty of monuments can be found in Chile, Peru and Mexico. Each of those countries has also access to the sea, so even tanning on a beach will be available. But one of the finest option in region is Cuba, amazing island, where time stops in 50’s. It is very beautiful country with wild nature, old cars on streets and very friendly people.