Holiday in Italy – the best destination

Holiday in Italy – the best destination

Italy is one of the most magical places in the Europe. This amazing country has very long and colourful history, which still can be noticed in the monuments from the past. That is why it is very popular tourist destination, also among Polish citizens. If you wish to spend a vacations in a warm place with plenty of attractions, it is the right call. But which city is the best to explore?


ItalyThe capital of Italy is the most popular travel spot in entire country, filled with monuments from each period, including the antic times. The true icon of Rome is Coliseum, remains of antic theatre. It is situated in the peaceful scenery, during the night entire building is illuminated in magical way. Another important, antic monument is Pantheon. It is huge, circular building, it entire, interior walls are covered with fresco. If you like to feel the spirit of the Rome you have to take a tour to Spanish Stairs, meeting spot for travellers and citizens. It was founded in the Renaissance times, at the entire area you can find plenty of small gift shops and restaurants.


This astonishing city is one of the prettiest in entire Italy. It is all because of it history, city was ruled by wealthy Medici family, which spend a lot of money for architecture and paintings. If you are interested in western art you have to visit Uffizi Gallery. It is the biggest exposition of Renaissance paintings, including pieces of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Botticelli and a lot more. Also, you will admire in there masterpieces of Rembrandt, Rubens and another artist for later periods of art. If you like to explore nice examples of Renaissance architecture, Florence is the best place. Don’t miss a tour to Palaces Vechio and Pitti, cathedral of Santa Maria del Floire or Palazzo del Bargello.


Probably the most vanguard city in Italy is Venice, thanks to it weird type of localization. Entire city is placed on the area of water, there are no typical streets but canals. Because of that Venice is very romantic place, perfect for vacations with beloved one. The most popular spot in there is Place of Saint Marc, with astonishing cathedral of the same name. This is one of the biggest, Gothic churches in entire world, with amazing Baroque interior design. If you better like a secular architecture you need to visit the Palace of Dodges, amazing, Renaissance residence of former overlords of Venice. City is good destination during entire year, but at the beginning of year, during the funfair, it is probably the prettiest.