Amsterdam – the finest attractions

Nowadays it is sometimes very difficult to decide where to go for future vacations. After small, airline firms created new connections in Poland we don’t need to be rich to visit interesting metropolis. If you are thinking about longer weekend in any beautiful city, you have to consider the trip to the capital of Netherlands. Amsterdam can offer you many interesting attractions.

You cannot miss

Netherlands is a country, where people are not judging their neighbours because of their actions, therefore they have the most liberal legislation in entire world. You can notice it even being a customer, just go to one out of many coffee shops. It is a place, where you can buy marijuana, entirely legal, and smoke it in public. Another rare attraction available in Amsterdam is the Red Light District. It is an area, where women are offering their services to the stranger men, standing beside the glass. Everyone can go for a walk in this area, it is totally safe. Less controversial, but also amazing attraction of the city is it… landscape! Entire metropolis is situated on hundreds of small isles, so you will find in there many lovely bridges.


AmsterdamIf you don’t like to miss the most tourism spots in the city you have to go to the Ann Frank’s House. In it attics entire family of Jews were hiding from Nazis, during the world war second. They became popular because diary of Ann Frank, small girl, who doesn’t survive the war. In the Amsterdam you have a chance to visit one of the biggest exhibition of European art, the Rijskmuseum. It is popular because of works by van Gogh, Rembrandt, Bosch and many other, Dutch artists. If you like to see some more paintings, you may visit the van Gogh Museum, it is the biggest exhibition of this painter in entire world.

Another attractions

People who are looking for even more attractions can go for a tour around the Heineken Experience. It is head quarter and museum of history of this popular beer. You will learn inside the techniques of brewery, also those vintage ones. During warm and sunny day you can go for a tour around Natura Artis Magistra, the biggest botanical garden in entire country. It is filled with interesting species of domestic and tropical plants. If you are fan of animals you can also visit local zoological garden. It is a home for thousands of exotic animals, you can spend inside entire day without getting boring! In Zoo, you will find many restaurants and pubs, so you won’t be hungry.