Europe is amazing! The best destinations

Europe is amazing! The best destinations

Nowadays Polish travelers are able to travel whole across the world, cause cheap airline companies are offering intercontinental flights for a song. However also in Europe, which is a lot cheaper option, you can explore a lot of interesting destinations. If you are wondering about best place for future vacations, you should explore one of those cities.


This Spanish city is probably one of the most popular travel destination in entire Europe. It is all thanks to Antonio Gaudi, amazing architect, which design really interesting style of his own. Main masterpiece of him is Sagrada Familia, catholic cathedral, which is interesting combination of Gothic and Catalan style in architecture. unfortunately Gaudi died before it was finished and still the building isn’t complete. Another important works of him are mansion, Casa Milla, and a decorations in the Las Ramblas, the longest street in Europe.


The capital of Italy is another important spot on the European map. This city has very long history, therefore you may see in there some ancient ruins. The most popular is the Coliseum, true symbol of entire capital. Another piece of architecture from Roman times is Pantheon, former temple, renovated very well. The building is in shape of a circle, inside you will find interesting frescos and a hole in the middle of a roof. If you are looking for a nice examples of more modern architecture, take a walk to the Spanish stairs, formed in Baroque style. This entire area is very important, cultural district.


Even if United Kingdom is very cold and rainy, still you shouldn’t miss to visit it capital, London. You won’t get bored in this city, it is guaranteed. Do not miss a trip to the Tower, one of the oldest buildings, formed in a eleventh century. It used to be a fortress, than royal prison, where a royal convicts, like Mary of Stuart, were kept. But the most popular building in the city is Westminster Palace, designed in the Gothic Revival style.


The capital of love and France is one of the finest cities in the world. It is perfect place for a summer holidays, especially if you enjoy nice architecture. Cause Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower. Also the Notre Dame cathedral is worth to be visited. This is one of the biggest, Gothic churches in entire France. Another nice piece of sacral architecture is Sacre Coeur basilica, amazing example of Romanesque Revival style. It is situated in the top of Montmartre hill.