The cheapest way of traveling

The cheapest way of traveling

Nowadays, when the world economy is not in the best shape, people are trying to save money wherever they can. The are buying clothes and furniture on sales, using more economical cars, renting cheaper flats. But what about holidays? Even with bad economy, it doesn’t mean, that people stop going on vacations, they just choosing offers much more wiser. Even richer people are looking for promotions, it doesn’t mean that they are not traveling to distant places, but they are looking for last minute flights. There are to ways how to get it.

Travel Agency

Most common way of getting it, is booking an offer in travel agency. You are not getting just a ticket for plane, also they are arranging you room in the hotel (how many stars you like), there will be guide, who make sure that you have everything you need, and he will tell you all thinks you need to know about customs in country you are staying. Another thing are cruises around town – you can buy an offer with couple tour in prize of staying, or you don’t have to, but there will be always optional cruise available for you, during your staying. Even if you are looking for last minute flights, you cannot wait till the day of your leave to book it. The greatest deal is to have some friend in travel agency, who will know when you want to travel, and he will let you know about any interesting offers in this term. Also, you can always pack your bags, and checking for the best offers at agencies websites.

Do it on your own

If you like to pick even cheaper version, that is not including provision of agents, you can arrange your vacation for your own. First you have to know the time of your leave and know some places, that you like to visit. It is better to have couple option, because you cannot be sure, that you will find last minute flights offer to your dreamed place, in this correct time. When you find the best deal and book it, now it is time to look for some place to stay in destination place. There are many websites offering multiple hotel and hostels rooms, from all around the world, in reasonable prices. If you find something interesting, another worry you will have, will be getting from airport to your hotel. It is better to check the distance before your flight, to avoid surprises. At your destination place, you are on your own, you have to organize your own cruises and so on.

Those two option of getting last minute flights tickets, are both good. First will be the best for family with children, where we have no time to take care for everything. Second one is good for young people, who likes adventures and want to get the cheapest deal possible.