How to find a cheap flight?

How to find a cheap flight?

If you are looking for cheap air tickets, you may find plenty of great deals also But sometimes, if You don’t know when and where to search for it, you may pay much more. Here are 7 ways, how to avoid unnecessary costs.

1. Don’t book your tickets for most popular seasons

You will pay much more if you choose for your travel seasons like: summertime, holidays or longer weekends. Most people are buying tickets then, so prize could be very high. Better take a vacation on early autumn or late spring,  it should be easier in your work, especially since your coworkers prefer summer for sure.

2. Decide quick

If you know when and where you want to go, make a transaction two or three months earlier. Prices are lower and you can get a really cheap air tickets. Try to compare offers of each company every day, or even subscript to their newsletters, because greatest deals sells like hotcakes.

3. Flexibility

If you are planning to go anywhere but in particular time, it will be easier. You may choose some random destination with good prize and date that matches you. It is the same if you know where you want to go, but you don’t know when – you can pick the most interesting offer for your holiday.

4. Don’t take to many items

If you bought cheap air tickets, the prize that you paid is only for your hand luggage. To avoid extra costs for checked baggage, compare allowed sizes for basic bags in different airline companies. And, off course, pick one, that offers the biggest hand luggage.

5. Investigate your future journey

Airports for small airline companies in towns like Paris, Oslo and so on, are situated far away from city center. It may costs you even several dozen Euro to get to your hotel, after you arrived. So before you buy your ticket, check how much you will actually pay for your travel.

6. Avoid extra costs

Some airlines prefer particular credit carts. If you own, for example, Visa and you bought cheap air tickets in company that promote Master card, you will paid an extra fee for it. It wouldn’t be much, couple Euro tops, but be prepare for that.

7. Forced options

Most of companies, use tricks to get more money from you. If you are buying your ticket in rush, you may accidentally pick up unwanted options, like insurance. Most people don’t want it, but you need to unchecked it during your transaction, otherwise you will get it, for 30 Euro extra!

If you are interested in (actual) cheap air tickets, you will find it, but you have to fallow the rules.