Rzeszow for weekend? Why not!

Rzeszow for weekend? Why not!

Your boss send you to totally strange city in the middle of Eastern Europe? Don’t be sad, maybe you have never heard about Rzeszow, but it doesn’t mean that there are no tourist attractions. So head’s up, these small article will bring you closer main facts about this charming city, situated at the east part of Poland.

A few years ago, Rzeszow was gray city, with plenty of ruined mansions. But since there, everything changed. Now it is colorful, charming town, with renovated Art Nouveau buildings all over the place. Main attraction of the city, statue of Revolution Event,  is located in the center square. It is very controversial object, because of it shape, a lot of people have many connotations about it.
Main square is signature of Rzeszow. It contains a lot of restaurants and bars, situated in Baroques building, at the middle you will find old-style, wooden well. During the summertime it looks the best – restaurants opens their patios, you are able to eat your lunch outside, there are plenty of colorful flowers.

Don’t miss a chance to try on some local restaurant. In Rzeszow you will enjoy specialties of Lower Carpathians cuisine totally different then food served in other parts of Poland. Main ingredient of this cuisine is wheat flour, they are making from it delicious specials. Different shaped cakes with yeast, stuffed with strawberries, blueberries and apple, served with sweet cream. Savory quiche with potatoes and onion, pork sausages with vegetables and so on. If you are a meat fan, you have to try pork  chops in mushroom sauce, served with smashed potatoes and salad of beet and onion.

If you are a fan of Medieval times, you should take a walk around town in search of hidden treasures. A lot of Middle-Aged remains are situated in every part of Rzeszow, ruins of walls from tenth centuries, burnt churches and castles, foundations of Romanesque mansions. There are also couple of Gothic churches, Catholic and Orthodox. First one are decorated with spectacular stained glasses, second one contains beautiful paintings of Saints. If you will have whole day for yourself, you should take a trip outside the city and visit one of plenty Castles from twelfth and thirteenth century. You will find it in beautiful scenery at top of mountains and in the middle of forests. To get there, you can rent a car or go to tourist informations to buy a our around those heritages.

Delegation to Rzeszow is not such a bad idea, is it? This lovely city, situated in the valley of mountains, every year is visited by more and more tourists. Nothing unusual, it has great potential, and you will find a lot treasure to explore there.