See You in Moscow

See You in Moscow

Even if you are very busy businessman on your delegation to Moscow, you have to find few hours to explore this interesting city. Maybe it is not as beautiful as Petersburg, but it is also worth to be seen. A lot of historical building, old churches, fancy restaurants and boutiques – everyone will find here something for themselves.

Signature of the city

A building, known probably for everyone citizen of Europe, is Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It is situated at Red Square, and it was build in the middle of sixteenth century during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. It use to be an Orthodox church, now there is museum inside of it. This Cathedral has very turbulent history – it was ruined, rebuild, the catch on fire and renovated again. Nowadays, it is a colorful edifice, true signature of Moscow.

Red Square

It is a main touristic spot in the city, because of many attractions situated nearby. You will find there Lenin’s Mausoleum, where you may see for your own eyes, embalmed body of this former leader of Russia. At the hill above the square, Kreml is situated. This is an old, Stronghold, first raised in twelfth century, then rebuild and renovated many times. The only one statue at Red Square, belongs to two historical character, which helps Russian people repel the attack of Polish invaders in 1612.

Tretyakov Gallery

This museum contains exhibition of Russian art, from the dark Medieval times till newest, abstract paintings. Even if you don’t know any of artists showed here, you should take a look inside, it really helps get to know Russian history and customs. You will find there paintings of  Wiktor Wasniecow,  Izaak Lewitan,  Andriej Rublow, and many, many more.

Gorky Park

If you just want to have some fun, you need to visit Central Park of Culture and Laisure, situated at Krimsky Val, and it was name after Maxim Gorky, famous Russian playwright. It became worldwide popular because of novel about serial killer, written by Martin Cruz Smith. It is situated beside the river, you can play tennis in there, jump on bungee, there is also a square for skating with disco music for accompaniment. Of  course, you will also enjoy there roller – coasters cruise, both for children and fans of adrenaline. Second part of park mainly contains French and English gardens, and old mansions from nineteenth century.

There are many, many more tourist attractions to explore, but you will need to come here for a week or to to visit everything. Visit this beautiful city, using flight search engines, for example. Check page. Moscow is beautiful, old town, combine of European and Asian spirit.