Petersburg for businessmen

Petersburg for businessmen

Nowadays, a lot of companies from entire Europe are making businesses with Russian corporations. So because of that, don’t be surprised if you boss will send you for a trip to St. Petersburg, to meet with couple of new client. If situation like that will have place, you are a lucky one, because after hours, you will be able to explore this beautiful city. And there are a lot of tourists attractions to see.


This Museum, located in five huge buildings, was created in 1753, and in 1852, emperor Nicolas the First opened it for visitors to see. After October Revolution, a lot of paintings, that use to belong to aristocrats, was situated in here. During World War Second, only two bombs (from over 150) gets it. It is one of the biggest exhibition of classical canvas in the entire worlds. You will find there arts of: Rubens, Rembrandt, Murill, Cezanne, Friedrich and many, many more.

Church of the Savior on Blood

It was build at the very same spot, where emperor Alexander the Second was assassinated. It was a tribute founded by his son, Alexander the Third in 1883. In 1930 it was closed by Communists, and they even planned to destroy it. But, fortunately they didn’t, and in 1956 it was designed as heritage. It was reopened in 1997, after renovating works that lasts for over 30 years. Nowadays is one of the most beautiful example of Russian Orthodox Church, and biggest attraction of St. Petersburg.

Peter and Paul Fortress

This the oldest building in St. Petersburg, raised in 1701, was created to protect Russians from Sweden. It contains six big bastions, you can get inside by two gates. Inside of it is located Orthodox Church, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. Inside were buried emperors of Russia – even Nicolas the Second, rested here in 1998, when his corpse was found. Till 1917 it was Political Prison (Gorky and Dostoevsky use to be captured here).

Winter Palace

It was designed in 1753 in New Baroque style, for emperor Elizabeth, but it was finished after her death. Catherine the Second was first to live here. Till 1905, it was royal winter residence, but after revolution, it was divided for two parts – in first was hospital, in second headquarter of provisional government. Since 1922 is a part of Ermitage, and most of it rooms are open for visitors.

City of St. Petersburg is one of the prettiest in entire world. It was build as a symbol of Russian domination, so it was created in the most spectacular way. During your staying there, you will enjoy a lot of interesting tourists attractions.