Frankfurt for businessmen

Frankfurt for businessmen

Every now and then, if you like your business to run properly, you have to travel to meet some investors. Sometimes you find yourself in not so much interesting places, and sometimes you are lucky, and you go for a trip to cities like Frankfurt. This is investor’s paradise, but it is not only about merchants, it is also abut typical tourists attractions, that you have to see during your visit.

Goethe House

This Baroque style building, founded in 1733, was place were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in 1749. It was main residence of his family for over half a century, since they move to another city. Nowadays, inside a museum is located, and is all about this famous, German writer. You can find here authentic furniture from his room in boyhood times, manuscripts of his books, a lot of portraits of Goethe by famous artists. It is open for visitors everyday, in cost of couple Euro.


This complex of buildings, situated in the middle of main square, is Frankfurt own city hall for over six hundred years. It was build in early sixtieth century in classic urban Renaissance style. It occupied over ten thousands square meters, and is one of the biggest town halls in Europe. Couple of rooms, even if it still has administration functions, are open for visitors to see. You can admire there Renaissance interior designs.

Alte Oper

This beautiful, New Baroque building was raised in 1890, and was one of the most important places like that in entire Europe. Most of famous operas were first played here, but in 1944 this nice building was ruined by bombs. It was rebuild in exact form in early 70’s, but in late 90’s it is no longer an opera, plays are showing now in much modern building. But this structure is open for visitors who want to see beautiful Baroque interior designs.

Stadel Museum

If you like to get more cultural, you have to see this gallery. It was founded in early ninetieth century by banker Johann Friedrich Stadel, who gives to Frankfurt his entire collection of European paintings. You will find there canvas of many famous artists, from whole around the world: Botticelli, van Eyck, Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, Durer or Watteau. It is open for visitors during whole week, and ticket is very cheap.

City of Frankfurt is known for any investor in Europe, because of every years international market, that is taking place in here. It’s nice city to vistit. Don’t think to much and book airplane tickets. But it is not only about business, even if you came here to making interests. It is beautiful, cultural city with plenty of interesting places to explore.