Beauty of Tbilisi

Beauty of Tbilisi

If you are going to Tbilisi to make some business, probably you are wandering, what you will be doing there after hours? Is there are any interesting places? some heritages to explore? Any nightlife, to have a relaxing evening with glass of wine? The answers for all of this questions is : Yes! Capital of Georgia is a very interesting place with a lot of tourist attractions, anyone will find something for himself.

Old Town

If you like ancient atmosphere, you should definitely go for a walk to old town of Tbilisi. This place is filled with Medieval mansions, small but charming. At the top of the hill nearby, you will find spectacular remains of ancient history of this area. Ruined temples and city buildings, makes you feel like you are in Grace or Italy. In Middle-Aged part of old town, you will find also a lot of churches, the earliest are from twelfth century! Most of them are Christian and Muslim. Another attraction of this area is fortress Narikala. This ancient building use to be ruined and rebuild many, many times, but the oldest parts may be noticed even now. It is main attraction of the city, some part of it are open for visitors. If you have lucky, you can go for tour with guider, he will introduce all of the elements of Narikala’s history.


If you are planning your journey to Tbilisi in October, prepare for big festival. This time of year is in Georgia season of the final harvests, the most important product – wine – is finally ready, so citizens are celebrating this fact. Inhabitants from all around the country are coming here with their yields to sell it. People are drinking wine and eating delicious meals made from the greatest plants, all of it at the fresh air. It is event filled with regional music, people are dancing and celebrating. Tbilisoba’s history is very simple – in ancient times, people use to thanks Gods for good yields, and they were celebrating it in the same way as nowadays. Event is taking place at square next to main temple, Metechi. Farmers are selling theirs corps there, so you can get something nice in reasonable price.


Try to go out some day to eat some local meal, because food served in hotel restaurants, are more European. The most important plant in Tbilisi is eggplant, they prepare it in various way. You should try baba ghanoush – it is delicious paste with tahini. Also, citizens are eat a lot of meat, mostly beef because of their Muslim faith. Whatever you are going to eat, you have to have a glass of finest Georgian wine with it!

Tbilisi is great place with friendly people and delicious cuisine. Your business trip will be unforgettable, for sure.