Busy in Madrid

Busy in Madrid

Who wouldn’t like to go for business trip to Madrid? Beautiful architecture, nice cuisine to enjoy, during the lunch with contractors, A lot of tourists attractions to explore after working hours. The worse think you can do, is to spend all of your free time hanging in your room or hotel lobby. And if you are tired, after many hours of business meetings, there is nothing better, than relaxing walk trough old town and maybe dinner with cocktail in one of local taverns?


Even if you are not a big fan of art, you have to visit Prado Museum. In this beautiful, Neoclassical building, raised in time of Charles the Third reign, is one of the biggest and important art galleries in the whole world. You will find there paintings from all periods of time, from Medieval art till Impressionism. All classics are there, El Greco, Titian, Rubens, Rembrand, Velasquez, Durer, Goya and many, many more. Another museum worth to be seen is Queens Sophia’s Cultural Center, it gathered exhibits of Modern art, there are plenty of Picasso’s and Dali’s paintings, also Joan Miro and Renee Magritte ir Max Ernst.

Royal Palace

At the very same spot, where old, ruined Moorish fortress use to stand, in eighteenth century was raised Royal Palace as we know it now. Cause earlier there were different, Medieval castle, but it was burnt during the fire. New one was build in the name of Baroque and Classicism style, and it is now one of the most famous palaces in the Spain. It is open for visitors, in Wednesday even for free (long queues possible). There are couple representative rooms to explore, all of it with elegant Baroque and Rococo furniture, and spectacular stucco on the walls. Also, you are able to have a tour around Royal Gardens, Apothecary, Arsenal and Stables.

Retiro Park

This is very good spot if you need to take a rest and enjoy nature. It is situated in the middle of Madrid. You will find here plenty of benches beside the curly roads between lawns, couple fountains and ponds. But the main attraction is Crystal Palace – spectacular building made only of glass and steel. In the middle of the park you will find big lake, you are able to swim in it or rent a boat for a cruise around the object. This place is always filled with inhabitants, is their favorite venue.

Maybe capital of Spain is not so extraordinary as Barcelona, but it is still beautiful city. A lot of heritages, interesting art galleries, green parks, friendly people. In Madrid everyone will feel like at home.