Business trip to Hamburg

Business trip to Hamburg

If your boss is sending you to some meeting with investors to Hamburg, you should be glad. This German city is one of the most interesting in this country, with plenty tourists attractions to explore. If you are male or female, young or old you won’t be boring here, because it is place for everyone, and everybody will find something for themselves here.

Miniature Wonderland

For sure, the biggest attraction of Hamburg is Miniatur Wunderland, and it is the largest exhibition like that in whole world. You will find there a model railways of many important cities from entire planet. It was opened in 2000, and since then, it gather ten sections, dedicated to different cities. The most charming are models of stations in alps – it looks very realistic, you can feel like you are traveling in the middle of mountains! The longest section is Scandinavia – over six hundreds meters. There are planned Africa and England sections to be opening in couple years.

Planten un Blomen

It is great (47 hectares) park situated in the middle of Hamburg. In Southern German language name of it could be translate as Plants and Flowers, very simple. First tree was seeded here in 1821, even know you can admire it, next to the railway station. At this area, a lot of events are taking place. You can watching here festival of lights, with water dancing in rhythm of music, you can watch plays of amateur actors, have a tour around botanical garden. It is very popular meeting place for inhabitants.

Tierpark Hagenbeck

This Zoologist Garden was build in 1863, so it is one of the oldest Zoo in history of Europe. Till 1956 this place have no cages for animals – they were separated from guests only by a pit, and thanks to that, visitors felt like at some wild adventure. Unfortunately, European Union forbidden to leave savages creatures beside cages, so it was changed since then.  Nowadays is regular Garden with couple interesting exhibits, and one of the bigger attractions of Hamburg.


This ten floors tall office, raised in 1924, is extraordinary example of German Expressionism of architecture made of bricks. It looks very spectacular, like mix of Gothic cathedral with suburban English house. It was designed by Fritz Hoger, and you will find it in  Kontorhausviertel district.

Hamburg is very attractive place to visit. Wild nature meets here with novelty architecture, you won’t be boring in this town. Inhabitants are friendly, cuisine is delicious, it is hard to imagine a better place for business trip.