Szczecin – great place to meet

Szczecin – great place to meet

When you are a busy man of company, sometimes you have to visit another cities and countries, to meet with business partners. Sometimes, it is a great opportunity to have a tour around town, especially if you are in some interesting place, that you haven’t seen before. If you are first time in Szczecin, even doing some interests, you have to spare some of your free time to see couple of it attractions, cause they are many.

Castle of Pomeranian Princes

This spectacular, Medieval structure, first build in early twelfth century, is situated at Castle Hill, in the middle of old Szczecin. Since Middle Ages, it was ruined and rebuild again, finally, in sixteenth century it was renovated in Renaissance style, and we can admire that view in our times. In time of World War Two, it was ruined by bombs. After 1950, renovating procedure begins, and architects were able to reconstructed it in way like it use to look in Renaissance. A lot of rooms are open for tourists to see, so you can buy a ticket and go for a tour with guide to see nice example of historical interior design.

National Museum

Szczecin is not just about architecture, but also about art. in this gallery, you will be able to see many interesting exhibits. There are couple of sectors: Archaeological, Historical, Modern and Classic Art, Ethnographic and Numismatics. You will find there exponents not only from Poland but also from Germany. It was opened in 1945, and a lot of pieces of ruined during war museums were located in here.

Central Cemetery

It is the biggest place like that in Poland, third in Europe and one of the biggest in entire world. It was build in 1900 and since then, over 300 thousands people were buried in here. Even if it is a cemetery, it looks very lovely, with it charming chapel with view on spectacular fountain and green fields all around. At this area, you will find also a botanical garden, with a lot of nice plants.

Bismarck Tower

It was build in 1899, in historical style, based on Romain one. It is located on Green Hill in Goclaw district in Szczecin, and it is most expensive tower that Bismarck ever build. It has a viewpoint but nowadays it is closed for tourists. But even you are not able to get inside, it is really worth to visit, because it looks much more interesting from the outside.

Many people, even from Poland, think that Szczecin is situated at seashore. Even that it is not true, it is filled with tourist attraction. If you are planning business trip here, you have to reserve some free time to explore some of that.