Chicago for businessmen

Chicago for businessmen

Travel to Windy City is a big adventure, even if you are going there in business. Chicago is a place with a lot polish immigrants in the world, most of our compatriots know someone who has family there. And because of that, it is even more thrill to visit this beautiful city, filled with interesting buildings and tourist attractions. If you are going there, you won’t be boring, for sure, and maybe you even meet someone who speak polish?

Robie House

It is first example of Praire School style, one and only style that is United States own. It was build by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1910 at the area of Chicago University’s campus. It is brilliant example of modern architecture, and is really worth to be seen. In 1963 it was inscribed in National Historic Landmark list. One of the most interesting thing of this buildings are very specific stained, glasses. They are totally different then ones in churches, black and white, very simple in their structure. Robie House is very nice example of simple but charming architecture of this period of time.

Brookfield Zoo

If you like to connect with savage nature and wild animals, you should visit this Chicago own Zoologist Garden. You will find there all sorts of mammals, birds, vermin and reptiles. You will be able to feed infant animals in there, watch lions and tigers, have an eye contact with elephants and giraffes. Zoo is so big that you need a lot of hours to explore everything. If you get hungry during your trip, you could eat some meat in one of local restaurants, or grab a quick snack in fast food truck.

Chicago Children’s Museum

If you by any chance are traveling with kid, or you are still felling like one, you have to visit this gallery, located at Navy Prier. It is the only museum like that in the world, where children are able to learn thanks to exhibits. It is divided for couple rooms, one of each is dedicated to different area. In paleontologist section, you will learn about dinosaurs, in biological about plants and animals, and history room will tell you more about ancient events.

Chicago Theater

If you know English well, you could visit this cultural building, in search of some good play. Chicago is know as another New York if we are talking about actors. In here, a lot of famous play writers are present their plays, so is nice place to get more cultural point of view. If you get lucky, you can see there some famous actor or actress, a lot of Hollywood stars are working here!

Chicago is interesting place with rich, international culture, beautiful buildings, and a lot of important, cultural spots. If you are visiting it, even for business, you are lucky one!