Tel Aviv for businessmen

Tel Aviv for businessmen

You may think that business trip to Tel Aviv will be boring, because of lack of monuments. You cannot be more wrong. This city is interesting tourists destination, where you will admire older and newest architecture, get grocery at local market and get some rest on the beach.


Although Tel Aviv is one of the youngest metropolis on the world, it was big enough to absorb city of Jaffa, antic town situated nearby. You need to see signature of the old city – clock tower from 17th century. You will also like Mahmudi’s Mosque, build in 1812, with beautiful fountain attached to it. Also, don’t miss Beit Sunan’s Synagogue, great example of sacral architecture in this area. For more, historical buildings, take a tour down Jaffa’s Street, you won’t be bored.
Newest part of agglomeration, Tel Aviv, is very modern. You will find here complex of Bauhaus school buildings, inscribed on World Heritage List. These are the oldest buildings in the city, situated on Rotschild Boulevard. If you like functionalism in art, you should visit HaMagid – there are many modern mansions, build in this style. If you like to calm down and have some rest, go to Chaima Bialika Place, it is quiet area with plenty of benches to sit on, and really interesting fountain in the center. If you are a skyscraper’s fan, you will be glad to see Azrieli Center – complex made of three very tall buildings – the tallest one includes observation deck – open for free for visitors. You will see there beautiful panorama there.

Just hang out

If you get tired of walking down the streets of Tel Aviv, you should visit Kedumim’s Place. It contained plenty of coffee houses, restaurants, art galleries. If you want to feel like in old times, take a tour around Karmel Market. It is really interesting and characteristic part of town. All of it streets contains another types of markets like meat, vegetables and fruits, bakery, clothing, toys and so on. There are big crowd, but you may get some interesting groceries. If you like to admire beautiful view, go to see sunset over sea at Jaffa’s port. It is very romantic! You should also visit Florentine area – Montmare – like district in the heart of Tel Aviv. You will notice here good example of street art. You can also repair your shoes in shoemaker’s workshop, and get hand made watch at local watchmaker. If you like to hang out at the beach, you are in a right place – there are dozen of beaches located at the city and in it suburbia.

As you see, you may have fun in Israel, even in this non- historical cities. A lot of attractions waiting for you in Tel Aviv.