A few days in Barcelona: what ought to be seen?

A few days in Barcelona: what ought to be seen?

Innumerable masses of tourists visit that city every year. Historical treasures from various ages can be seen here. That place is full of life, regardless of the season. Some people stroll along the city streets and take photos, others lie on the beautiful beaches. How shall one visit Barcelona – the second biggest city in Spain?

The heritage of Gaudí

Barcelona travelThe trip can be begun with the great symbol of that city – Sagrada Familia. It astonishes with naturalistic, wonderful sculptures and size. Its construction started over 100 years ago and is not finished yet. The founds from entrance tickets are spent for further building. Another example of Gaudí’s art is Casa Vicens that was built in the end of 19th century. The style in which it was designed has some connections with oriental style. It also connects various materials, from stone to glass. In Barcelona, there are also other places designed by that famous engineer and architect – for example popular Parc Güell. Inside, between wonderful plants, some peculiar constructions can be found.

Two days is not enough

To see the most interesting places here, more than a weekend is necessary. Some people come here for a week and are still unsatisfied. When visiting the most popular attractions, it is almost obvious that there will be a queue to the entrance. That is why visiting should be started early in the morning. Some people decide to visit Barcelona in October or in early spring, to avoid the crowd. But this city is never empty – it is good to remember that. To check it, one can walk along La Rambla – the popular walkway, leading to the sea and the monument of Christopher Columbus.

The Gothic district

A lot of Gothic buildings from 13th and 15th century, as well as the remains of defensive walls can be found here. Some churches and basilicas are really worth seeing. Santa Maria del Mar, built in 14th century is the typical example of Catalan Gothic. The interior was modified over the years, but the stained glass windows are remaining the same since years. Another very impressive example of Gothic style here is Barcelona Cathedral. Inside the patron of the church – Saint Eulalia is buried. Besides, the wonderful Gothic sculptures can be seen here.

Before a trip to Barcelona, the good plan of sightseeing ought to be prepared. The plenitude of interesting locations and places to see causes that the limitation is necessary – especially when the visit lasts only several days. One thing is sure: the city of Gaudí is definitely worth seeing.