Learning about Canada

Learning about Canada

Canada is not favorite destination for European tourists. Unknown customs, cold weather, lack of attractions – for many it is just ugly sister of United States. But it is opinion of people who never been in this country. So if your business contract send you to one of the biggest city there, Toronto, you will be able to see for yourself, how beautiful area you are about to visit.

First of all:

You must see the signature of Toronto, which is CN Tower. This is was tallest building in the world till 2007, it is about 553 meters tall. There are viewpoint at the top of it, available for tourist. You cannot miss it – you will be able to see panorama of whole city up there. Inside you will also find restaurants, gifts shops, entertainment point and many more. You won’t have problem to find the CN – it is located in the middle of city center.

Second of all:

Even if you are not an art lover, you have to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario. It contains African and Oceanic tribal art, heritages of Canadian Indian’s culture, Western Europe art from Gothic to Pop Art, and exhibitions of newest paintings from whole around the world. Another gallery worth to be seen is Royal Ontario Museum. It is the biggest gallery in Canada, visited every year by over million tourists from many countries. It contains everything: from Indian totems and remains of dinosaurs to modern art galleries. There are over six millions exhibits inside.


Half of inhabitants in Toronto are immigrants from other countries. No wonder there are separated districts for many cultures. There are two especially worth to be sen: Little Italy and Chinatown. First one will bring you back to Europe, you will feel like at Sicily Island among lovely, one floors mansions. You can eat there great pastas and pizzas, taste perfect tiramisu, and drink short espresso after your dinner. Chinatown is unforgeable journey to the heart of Asia. You will find there the biggest garden in Ming style, situated outside the China. Also, there are plenty of place serving classical food from this country.


It is another interesting district inside Toronto, it is dedicated to LGBT community. If you are an open minded person, go and take a look at the streets there, all of the mansions have rainbow flag stuck inside, and anyone it does no matter. It is very important part of the city, an evidence of Canadian people’s tolerance, dignity and culture.

There are many, many more great things about Toronto, but above are these the most popular. You can discover another ones for yourself, you just need to buy a ticket, leave your hotel room, and take a long walk trough this beautiful city.