Interesting places in London

Interesting places in London

London is a destination of many tourist from around the world. Most of them are lured by amazing and widely known monuments and historical buildings. Some of them are coming to get familiar with British history, music or fashion. Generally speaking – doesn’t really matter what are you looking for, as you will definitely find it in London! Extraordinary museum, theatres, libraries and shops. It is all here!

However, many people visiting London limited their sightseeing only for commonly known places. As long as it is conscious decision – that fine. However, many people do it because they just are not aware that there are so many other interesting, less known places, that they would love to see if they only knew about them. This brief article will describe some of them. Hopefully, it would be useful in planning your trip to the capital of the United Kingdom.

–    Speaker’s corner, located in the northeast corner of Hyde Park. As the name suggested, it is a place where public speaking, discussions and debates are being hold. The London one is the most famous in the world, and it dates as far back as 1866 year. Tradition is being continued today and you can always meet fascinating people and speakers every time you visit the place!  This place has been attended by many famous people in the past, among others, Karl Marx, George Orwell, William Morris and Lenin. Nowadays, you have a chance to hear modern orators sharing their opinions with the rest of the world!london-359911_960_720

–    Hyde Park, that covers 350 acres! Plenty of trees, flower gardens, a lake and green in general. And all of that right in the centre of the city! It is a perfect place if you hoping to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a blanket, good food, favorite book and relax!

–    If you are interested in street art, you should definitely visit Shoreditch. You can find to try piece of street art by yourself (which would be pretty easy as Shoreditch is the best area to discover street art in London). You can also take one of the organized walking tour. They are not expensive – usually it is “pay-what-you-like” charge.

–    If you like comedy shows, you will definitely love gig at Angel Comedy Club. It is for free, it is every day, and it is extremely funny!

Places and activities described above are only examples. If you do a research,  you will discover that they are many of other places that are extremely interesting and not so widely known among tourist. Therefore, before going to London, it is worth to make sure we are familiar with them and we will see these places, that are the most interesting for us!