Flights are the best

Flights are the best

More and more people, from all around the world are choosing airplanes as their mode of transportation. They are traveling to meet with their families abroad, they going to vacations, and trip with businesses. Most of European, adult people though once in their live times bought plane tickets. Is nothing strange in that. It is most fast, cheapest and safest way of traveling on the world. And because of that it is so popular.

It is fast

Even if we have a lot of free time for our vacations, it is much  better to buy plane tickets and get to destination place in two hours, then have a two days trip by bus. You are remembering for sure, this times from your childhood, when you were driving from Wroclaw to Barcelona for twenty hours. You have two weeks leave, but four days you were spending on getting to destination point. And okay, maybe it was nice to travel trough Alps and French Rivera, but so many hours in seated position is not the most comfortable thing in your life. Now, if you want to cross the same distance, you need for hours not four days. Two, you are spending in airplane, another two are for getting from and to airport. Live is much more convenient nowadays, isn’t it?

It is cheap

Even when you were a kid, there was plane tickets available for you, but in much bigger prices. Only the richest people can afford that. Nowadays, almost anyone in Poland is wealthy enough to travel by airplane. All because of new airline companies, offering seats in their jets in very low prices. It is so cheap, that travel by train or car, in the same distance is much more expensive. And it is not always in Europe, if you know how to look for it, you can even travel for a song to antipodes.

It is safe

A lot of people are terrified of flying, because of crushes they heard about. But if you do some research, you will notice that in last decade, there were only couple accident up in the air, planes are very safe because of it structure and thanks to the professionalism of pilots. They know how to react in every kind of situations – lack of gasoline, error of engine and so on. Much more often are train and car accidents, because of thoughtlessness of drivers and frail structure of this vehicles.

As you may see, there are many reason why flying is so popular. It was never cheaper then now, it is much more faster then traveling by car, and is very, very safe. So stop hesitate and buy your plane tickets to day! It is the best way to have dreamed holiday, the fastest business trip or safest land at your family’s country.