Businesses in Poznan

Businesses in Poznan

In Poland, there are couple interesting cities like Wroclaw, Krakow or Warsaw. Poznan is also nice, but sometimes tourists are forgetting about it. It is their loss, because it is very charming, historical place in the middle of this country, with a lot of attractions to offer. If you are planning business trip there, you are lucky one, and you won’t be boring there, it is guaranteed.

Cesarean Castle

This pearl of cesarean district in Poznan, was build in 1905, for the last emperor of Prussia, Wilhelm the Second, who was helping main architect to arrange this place. It is one of the youngest castles in Europe, but costs of it were very high – they spend on it five millions marks. It was constructed in New Romain style, which was the most German art fir emperor. The most interesting part of it is Throne Room. It was arranged in Byzantine style, with three huge windows and seven statues of former Caesars.

Maltese Lake

It is fake water reservoir, build eventually in 1952. It is filled with fish, but every for years it is draining an renovating. A lot of main tourist attractions of Poznan were build at the lakeside, so if you get to this point, you will easily visiting everything else. There are a lot of statues important for polish history,  headquarter of scouts, interesting Gothic church destined to St. John of Jerusalem. Also you will find here Zoologist Garden, with couple interesting animals inside and, during the winter season, you will be able to use a local rink.

Wielkopolska’s National Park

It is situated in the south of Poznan, and it is a very interesting spot for all of the nature admirers. You will find there a lot of exhibits of wildlife of this region, you will be able to have a picnic on grass and here a voice of nature. There are four different hiking trails, depend of your skill. You can overcome it by your foot or by bike, there are also railways, situated in some points. There are couple tourists hostels at this area, where you be able to eat something or drink.

City Hall

Old, Renaissance building at the middle of main square, use to be a town hall, but it is not anymore. Nowadays it is a signature of Poznan and beautiful example of Polish urban architecture. Every day at noon, from it tower, there is a city’s anthem recording. Because of it historical meaning, town hall is a place of many regional legends. There are people who believes, that in cellars of this building, still are hiding ancient treasures.

Poznan is very charming city, with a lot attractions to offer. If you are planning your business meeting in here, and you have been never before in this lovely town, you need to spare some free time to have a tour around. It is really worth it.