Trip to Vienna

Trip to Vienna

Sometimes is nice to take some longer weekend off at work and relax in one of interesting metropolis in Europe. Barcelona, Paris, London, those cities are the most popular, but if you have been there already, maybe you will try to visit Vienna? This spectacular capital of Austria is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in entire Old Continent. Great pieces of art, splendorous architecture, delicious cuisine. If you get an opportunity to travel there you better not miss this chance, great weekend is guaranteed.

First spot you need to explore while you are in Vienna is central square. It is really hard to miss it, because at the middle of it you will find huge Church of Saint Stephen, amazing Catholic temple build in Gothic style. it is renovated very properly, so you better visit it also inside, it is open for tourists all day long. Next to it, you will notice plenty of various coffee shops and restaurants. The queue to each are very long, but is worth to wait and grab a cup of delicious coffee. Another interesting place is Shonenburg, very charming district of Vienna. You could buy one ticket to each attraction like zoologist garden, where you could see the panda bear and to amusement park. Also, it is highly recommended to climb at the hill where you could admire the splendorous panorama over the city. And in this district you could find spectacular, classical palace, also named Schonenburg. It use to be a residence of emperors, Mary Theresa instruct to renovate it in exact way as we may notice today. The most part of it is open for tourist to see, so you better walk inside and admire splendorous interior design.


Another interesting spot in Vienna is city hall, huge, gothic building with fascinating architecture. Beside it, you will find very charming place with plenty of fountains. You could get some beer in there and enjoy the lovely weather.  If you are an art admirer, you need to visit Leopold Museum, definitely. It is a gallery sponsored but old family, which offers their private collection to the people to see. The most important part of it is Egon Schiele exhibition, which contains dozens of masterpieces of this brilliant painter. Also, you could see in here couple of interesting pieces of Vienna Art Nouveau , especially interior design.

Vienna is very magical city, where everybody will find something for themselves. Couple in love can walk along narrow street in the old town. Family with children will have fun in the zoologist garden. And an art lover could admire masterpieces in each museum in the city.