Holidays in Spain – which city choose?

Holidays in Spain – which city choose?

At the start of the year people are tired of long and cold winter and starting to plan future holiday. Nowadays Polish travellers has plenty of options to select, thanks to cheap airline companies. If you are looking for some warm destination with many of monuments to explore, you should consider Spain. But which city in this beautiful country is the best?


This amazing metropolis is probably the most popular travel destination in Spain. It is all thanks to Antonio Gaudi, the architect, which designed plenty of sophisticated buildings in Barcelona at the beginning of twentieth century. One of the finest monument, not only in Spain but also in entire Europe, is Sagrada Familia cathedral. It is amazing mix of Catalan and Gothic architecture. Good aspect of Barcelona is very short distance from city centre to the sea shore. You can even stay into the city and have a time to go to the beach each day. In this metropolis you can also explore the Picasso Museum, the biggest exposition of painters of this phenomenal artists. Even people not interested in painting should see this.


The capital of Spain is situated in the centre of the country, but even if the sea is far away, a million of travellers are visiting it each year. Architecture in Madrid is totally different than at Barcelona, it’s more classical. At the entire area of town you can see great examples of buildings from each period. While being there you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Royal Palace, amazing example of Classical style. It is a main residence of Spanish king, big part of chambers is opened for visitors to see. During warm, sunny day in Madrid very good idea is to visit Retiro Park. It is huge area of green, right in the middle of city, with plenty of interesting architecture.


SpainPlenty of travellers are better like spend holidays on islands then at continental part of Spain. This country has a lot of tropical destinations to offer, to each you can travel directly from Poland, using cheap airline companies. The closest option are Balearic islands, with legendary Ibiza and Majorca. This is great spot for all the people who are appreciated to party all night long. Another group of Spanish islands, Canaries, are situated closer to the Africa, so it is great destination even for winter holidays. There are many interesting locations in there, if you are big fan of scuba diving this option is ideal for You. The most popular spots in there are Tenerife and Great Canaria.